Car noises

Unusual Car Noises

Is your car making strange noises? No, we’re not talking about the strange music your kids are listening to these days. We’re talking about the knocking, grinding, rattling, and squealing that could signal potential issues with your vehicle. If you are experiencing any foreign noise coming from your car, it’s a good time to bring your vehicle in to one of our certified technicians at Matt’s Auto. We will do a full inspection of your car and assess the root cause of the noise, and how to get it taken care of.


Matt’s Auto employs a highly-skilled team of ASE-Certified mechanics who are committed to providing you (and your car) the best care possible. We have an award-winning reputation for our quality of work, and are focused on offering a quick turnaround and competitive pricing on all inspection work. Visit any of our locations in Fargo-Moorhead or the Twin Cities and speak to a certified technician today.

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