Tire Repair – What To Do?


Got a flat tire?

A flat tire is one of the worst sights a driver can have when they are getting ready to drive or go somewhere.  Many emotions are experienced by the driver on how to get the tire patched, repaired or replaced, depending upon the severity of the damage to the tire.  Worst yet is having to change the flat tire with your spare tire and hoping that your spare tire is still in good working condition.

But once that is completed, you know that all you need to do is go to one of our six convenient locations to have one of our tire specialists review the tire to determine the outcome of it either being repaired or replaced.

Tire repair is an integral part of getting the maximum in performance and value out of your tires.  Oftentimes when you have a flat tire, there’s no need to go through the expense of replacing it.  A repair (patch and plug) will get you back on the road and trusting your tires again.

While there are home tire repair kits, when done properly, a tire repair can last for years, if not for the entire life of the tire.  That’s why you’ll want one of our tire specialists to handle the repair for you.  Use our years of industry experience and tire knowledge to get the most out of your tires, at Matt’s Automotive Service Center.

When you need a tire repaired or replaced, contact us and see why we are the local tire experts in the Fargo/Moorhead area!