Thank You For Voting For Matt’s Automotive Service Center “Best of the Red River Valley” Awards in Six Categories


WOW – thank you to the entire Fargo/Moorhead community for voting us #1 in the following categories. We strive to provide an excellent customer experience every single day at all of our 10 locations and knowing that you voted for us means more than you know. Here are a few details on the awards you helped us win!


Best Aftermarket Customization

Crafting Automotive Masterpieces

Matt’s Automotive Service Center takes pride in being recognized as the Best Aftermarket Customization destination in the Red River Valley. Our skilled technicians, driven by a passion for automotive artistry, have redefined vehicle customization. From sleek modifications that enhance performance to off-road transformations that defy expectations, our aftermarket services transcend the ordinary, providing a personalized touch tailored to each guest’s unique style.


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics. Each customization is a meticulous process that not only turns heads but also enhances overall vehicle performance. Matt’s Automotive is not merely a service center; it’s a canvas where automotive dreams come to life.


Best Auto Body

Precision in Repair

Matt’s Automotive proudly accepts the honor of being awarded the Best Auto Body service in the Red River Valley. Our dedicated team of technicians possesses a rare blend of skill, precision, and artistry that defines our approach to auto body repair. Whether it’s minor dings or major collision repairs, we bring vehicles back to their original glory with a level of craftsmanship that sets us apart.


Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools, ensuring that every vehicle entrusted to us receives the attention it deserves. Matt’s Automotive is not just repairing vehicles; we are repairing stories and memories, one vehicle at a time.


Best Auto Glass Repair

Clarity in Expertise

Being recognized as the Best Auto Glass Repair service reaffirms our dedication to providing unparalleled expertise and service. Matt’s Automotive understands that a crack in your windshield isn’t just a blemish; it’s a potential hazard. Our skilled technicians approach every glass-related issue with precision and clarity, ensuring the safety and longevity of your vehicle.


Our commitment to guest safety is unwavering. Thorough inspections and adherence to industry safety standards are at the core of our glass repair services. At Matt’s Automotive, we not only fix auto glass; we ensure a secure driving experience for you and your loved ones.


Best Car Wash/Detailer

Transformative Vehicle Care

Matt’s Automotive is honored to be named the Best Car Wash/Detailer in the Red River Valley. Our car detailing services transcend the ordinary, offering a transformative experience for every vehicle that enters our facility. Beyond the basics, we take pride in providing meticulous detailing that treats each vehicle as a canvas, leaving no inch untouched.


The Matt’s Automotive detailing process is an art form, combining interior deep cleaning with exterior polishing. Our detailers are not just technicians; they are artists, and your vehicle is their masterpiece. Guest satisfaction is not just our goal; it’s our commitment to excellence.


Best Customer Service – Wheels & Motors

Beyond Repairs and Services

Matt’s Automotive is humbled to receive the title of Best Customer Service in the Wheels & Motors category. This recognition goes beyond our repairs and services; it acknowledges our commitment to going above and beyond for our valued guests. At Matt’s, we believe in being partners in your vehicle’s care, not just service providers.


Our tailored consultations ensure that your individual needs are not just met but exceeded. We take the time to understand your requirements, providing customized solutions that reflect our dedication to guest-centric services. Building lasting relationships is not just a goal; it’s a part of our ethos at Matt’s Automotive.


Best Tire Retailer

Foundation for Performance

Matt’s Automotive is thrilled to be acknowledged as the Best Tire Retailer in the Red River Valley. Tires are more than just rubber; they are the foundation for your vehicle’s performance. Our victory in this category underscores our commitment to providing quality tires that enhance the overall driving experience.


Our extensive inventory caters to a diverse range of vehicles and driving preferences. From all-terrain tires for off-road enthusiasts to high-performance tires for sports car aficionados, Matt’s Automotive ensures a comprehensive selection. At Matt’s, tires aren’t just products; they are a crucial part of your vehicle’s performance, safety, and longevity.



This sweep of excellence in six categories is not just an achievement for Matt’s Automotive Service Center; it’s a celebration of our unwavering commitment to our guests, our craft, and our community. As we stand at the pinnacle of automotive service in the Red River Valley, we express our gratitude to our loyal guests who have entrusted us with their vehicles and dreams. Matt’s Automotive isn’t just a service center; it’s a destination where automotive excellence meets guest satisfaction.


We invite you to experience the Matt’s Automotive difference – where every service is a masterpiece, every repair handled with care, and every guest is a valued partner. Thank you for making us the Best of the Red River Valley!