Automotive Vocabulary: Module
The automotive aftermarket is an entirely different world from automotive repair and maintenance. Because, with any specialized industry there is an entirely another language to be learned that is complete with jargon, acronyms, and slang terms. We understand how difficult this can be for our customers to understand, let alone comprehend what our ASE Certified Technicians are talking to them about with their vehicles. The best solution we have found is trying to make it relatable to other areas of life like health and wellness or computer technology.

What is an Automotive Module?

Today, we are going to cover the term ‘module’ in our automotive vocabulary. Have ever heard this term of “module” before from either one of our service advisors or from a mechanic in general and were confused on what they were talking about in relation to your vehicle? Well, the term module means computer. Did you know that most new vehicles have more than 30 modules…aka…computers installed in them to operate many ‘standard’ features that you have become accustomed to over the years? These modules control power windows, door locks, radio/touchscreen, cruise control, power seats, windshield wipers, and many more features that all operate on their own separate computer or for automotive vocabulary on their own separate module. You may have heard this term of modules when something on your vehicle stops working or functioning correctly. If this has happened to you, you may have heard one of our service advisors mention different modules like the Driver’s Door Module, Powertrain Control Module, HID Module, Bypass Module and many more modules that are all computer components that help your vehicle operate and function properly during its operation.

This could be what is happening when something starts acting crazy or not functioning properly. The little lights that come up on your dashboard are an error alert, similar to an error alert you may receive on your computer when it’s not functioning properly. A majority of the time, it is unknown what the dashboard light means and the owner’s manual doesn’t provide any help either in explaining what the light means either. That’s where we, at Matt’s Automotive Service Center come in to help you identify what the light on your dashboard means or why something isn’t working on your vehicle. It’s similar to receiving an MRI at the doctors, we have technology with connecting a “scan tool” to your vehicle to find the problem that is occurring and determine the solution. The scan tools we use at our shop at Matt’s Auto are some of the industry best and are very expensive that requires consistent updating with all the new vehicles and changes that are occurring in the auto manufacturing. We pride ourselves being ASE Certified with the experience and knowledge on identifying the problems on vehicles, knowing how complicated vehicles are becoming in the industry. Now, we can’t speak for every automotive repair facility, but wouldn’t you want someone who knows what they’re doing to be the one to diagnose your vehicle?

Different Automotive Scan Tools

With the diagnosis and scan tool there are some parts stores that offer the ability to ‘borrow’ a scan tool to have the codes on your vehicle read, but the technology on their scan tools are not always going to be up-to-date or compatible as what you would find at an auto repair shop or car dealership service center. That’s because most generic scan tools at auto parts stores and some independent shops are unable to access all of the module in a vehicle. This means that it may not even identify the problem that is occurring and worse yet leave the mechanic without knowing how to fix it or what is causing the problem to begin with at all. We have Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) scan tools that are the only ones in the industry that can access every single module in your vehicle. This may not sound important, but if you think about how often technology changes with computers, cell phones and TVs as just a couple of examples. That same concept applies to vehicles, especially when you are talking about different makes, models and years when the vehicles were manufactured. Meaning there are different modules that exist in one year that may not exist in another year with the same vehicle.

Automotive Module Question

So, with understanding that a module in our automotive vocabulary means a ‘computer’ in your vehicle that controls a specific part of the vehicle. Here’s a question for you. Would you want a generic or out-of-date scan tool not telling you what is wrong with your vehicle? Worse yet, paying for it and not getting any answers either. We know, we don’t want that to happen to you at Matt’s Automotive. If you are having issues with your vehicle and have lights on your dashboard and don’t know what is happening to your vehicle. Contact us today and schedule your appointment with us to get you back on the road safely with having your vehicle operating properly.